I have determined that my life's purpose is music, and anything related.  My productivity as a human is almost entirely musical, whether it's being a music teacher, playing in a punk rock band, or a marching band, or providing solutions for people who need help in producing music.  My goal is to be all the musician I can be, and that includes being a part of the production process.  I've been providing sheet music services and solutions since my college days.  I started out offering my services to the Hunter College Music Department - its staff, and students.  Word quickly spread.  Professor's contacted me for work.  So I made a side business out of it.  Since then, my copyist work has been published in professional music journals, and scholarly books.  I've been asked to be the sole copyist on major works.  I've engraved music from budding composers, who opt to self publish their works.  I've engraved my own compositions for self-publication, and have had pieces published through other companies.  I work hard, and I love the work.  I hope I get to do work for you someday.



John is originally from the Hudson Valley.   Both of his parents played music in some form.  His maternal grandmother played the harp and the piano. After getting an A.A.S in Music Business, he moved down to New York City in 2007 to attend CUNY Hunter College majoring in music.  It was there where he discovered market where he could put his musical knowledge to good use - music copying.  After purchasing a copy of Sibelius 4 solely for educational purposes, he attempted to take it a little further by learning the ins-and-outs of the notation software itself.  Through trial and error, many times over again, he had been asked by his fellow students to do medial jobs for them - transposing a vocal score, extracting a part from a score, et cetera.  It wasn't long before music department faculty had caught wind of this, and started asking John to set their musical examples for their scholarly articles.  Business was booming and steady - something that would continue through the next journey...  


After graduating with a BA in Music, he decided to fulfill another dream and start the process of becoming a music educator.  In 2009, he started attending Hunter College again, but this time setting course to earn an MA in Music Education.  After graduating in 2011, he started working as a music teacher in the New York City public school system - P.S. 215Q - Lucretia Mott in Far Rockaway.  There, he raised money to start a concert band, and a modern rock band.  He currently works at P.S. 84 - José De Diego in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, where he has a concert band, modern rock band, and assists with the choir, and the string orchestra.  It's not uncommon for his students to be the guinea pigs for one of his new compositions.

When he is not setting a score, composing, or teaching the youth of Williamsburg, he continues to do what he loves doing in his spare time - play the drums.  For 15 years and counting, he has played drums for numerous punk rock outfits - These Autumn Years, Lotus Patch, The Black Hand, Tesla's Revenge, and currently The Orgonauts, and Punk Rock Polka Experience.  Weirdly enough, his steadiest gig is playing snare drum, or bass drum in the Professional Musicians of Orange County, a collection of musicians who are hired to perform in various parades all over the Hudson Valley, and New Jersey.  One thing is for sure - music is his life, and passion.